Championship Tractor Pull Ticket Holders Priority ticket holders’ 2020 seats are reserved for 2022. If you purchased seats for 2021, your purchase will be refunded automatically. Please contact the ticket office at 502-367-5144 or email if you want your purchase to be applied to 2022. General admission tickets go on sale in fall 2021.

Many of the season ticket holders have already provided instruction as to their preference and we currently processing the request..

The Club

Tickets to the Club include livestream of the pull, private restrooms, cash bar service and a buffet. To access the club, attendees must also have tickets to the Championship Tractor Pull. Contact the Ticket Office at (502) 367-5141.


As part of the pay-per-view, pulling fans will be able to watch from their desktop and laptop computers, tablets, smartphones or from a variety of mobile internet-connected devices. Customers will also be able to view their purchased content for one year after purchase. The filming is complete with replays and score overlays. More details coming soon!