Our History

The Championship Tractor Pull was so popular in its first year that 15 drivers signed up to compete in the inaugural pull before it was officially established.

Today the pull remains a counterpart to the much larger NFMS, but the CTP has since transformed into a premiere event of its own. Each year, a short list of pullers etch their names in history as they become part of an elite group of drivers earning a national championship title. With more than 75,000 fans packing Freedom Hall to experience five pulse-pounding performances in four days, the nation’s oldest indoor tractor pull has a vivid history to share with its loyal supporters.

Red Tracotr 2 Front View

Hall of Champions

Throughout the years, many outstanding drivers have made an enduring impact on the history of the Championship Tractor Pull, inscribing their names in the records of excellence.

Champions Shaking Hands